ultra sound scan course introduced to reduce maternal complication

An official from Imaging the World demonstrates  how the Ultra Sound Scan works

An official from Imaging the World demonstrates how the Ultra Sound Scan works

Uganda Nursing School Bwindi (UNSB) in Kanungu district unveiled a program that will see pregnant mothers access an affordable ultra sound scan service. The service detects early pregnancy complications so that specialized interventions are put in place to save pregnant women from death.

The program was launched by the district’s Inspector of schools Shaban Adam at the Uganda Nursing School –Bwindi recently. The program will also introduce radiography as a new course to the 3 year nursing course students so that they can be able to apply the specialized skill in their day to day operations.

The trainning to provide ultra sound scans is a partnership between Imaging the World, a non-governmental organization and Bwindi Community Hospital as a move to scale down the maternal and child mortality rates in the region.

Dr. Birungi Mutahunga, the Executive Director Bwindi Community Hospital said that the program is a timely addition to the training the students at Uganda Nursing School Bwindi normally undergo and it will greatly help them in receiving highly specialized and practical skills that will be used in their day to day work.

The co-founder of imaging the World, Dr. Kristen Destigter, a professor of Radiology at the University of Vermont in the USA confirmed that the machines being introduced would detect pregnancy complications early enough thereby allowing doctors to solve the problems in time so as to save the lives of pregnant mothers and their unborn children.
“We have established that every 1 out of 4 pregnant mothers may have a complication and the scan is vital in establishing what the complication may be so that they get timely intervention to save the mother,” Dr. Kristen said.
What others say

Nakayondo Shamirah, a student at Uganda Nursing School Bwindi; The program will help us students learn how to use the machine practically because we have been only seeing it in books.

Ainembabazi Fiona a pregnant, a mother: The Ultra sound scan has helped me know the position of my unborn baby and the sex so i am not worried.

By Patson Baraire and Josline Ninsiima


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